finds value in
customer data

JIUISOFT Inc, we are trying to make an effort to find the value of customer own data
Your Data definetly have been made for anybody using useful, we are developing
various of techniques to transmit data quickly and accurately.

Jiuisoft Inc technologies and products.

We can provide quickly and easily information from the database in a chat format.
We can allow querying the information stored in the statistical information table.
We can classify documents based on the Deep Learning algorithms.
We can provide a statistical analysis for your data.

More than 80% of what customers are wondering
wondering is included on the homepage that they are operating.

Chatbot service building solution

through intelligent text analysis

Collecting and utilizing customer data

It is possible not to create new data for consultation but to collect counseling data directly from existing database which customers retain,

and to convert it into counseling data and then to use it for chatbot service.

Creation of scenarios like a homepage builder

you can create chatbot scenarios using with only dragging and clicking of a mouse just like a homepage builder, through using the collected data.

There can be set session information interworking, validation test of inputted questions, and optional input type.

Manager’s easy counseling management

it provides statistical information such as the status of using chatbot services and the reach rate and the customer churn rate through web-based a manager program.

The administrator can directly simulate the chatbot service before opening it, minimizing the problems.

We will read the statistics for you

Is the thing you are wondering that not the ‘title’ or ‘description’ text in the statistics table, but the value in the table?

Automatic classification of
Deep Learning-based documents

Documents stored on computer by
filming run the automatic classification

You’ve already got a lot of works,
seem to look tired due to having to analyze data as well.


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